Monday, September 19, 2011

Red Rock Crossing

 Back in June Travis had some work to do for a friend up in Sedona so the kids and I jumped at the opportunity to ride along.  It was the first time the kids had been there and the first time I had been back in years.  So while Daddy did his thing I took the kids down to the beautiful Red Rock Crossing for some splash time.   

 As is par for the course, Abi really did not have what you would call a "great" time.  She did get in the water and play for a bit, but she spent most of time eating watermelon and goldfish on a towel.

 Emi and Billy on the other hand had not just a "great" time, but a blast!  They swam, they caught frogs and tadpoles and hopefully no harmful bacteria. 
 I stand corrected.  Abi did have a little fun...

This is Mr. Toad.  Little did we know at the time, but he would turn out to be a foreshadowing of the summer none of us could have expected!  Poor Mr. Toad was a great sport though.  He hung out and let all the kids touch him before hopping off and swimming down creek.  He probably had the last warty laugh though. 

Haigler Creek ~ Summer 2011

 During the same trip as the branding the Grote's (our travel buddies) and all of us piled into cars and headed to Haigler after the branding festivities.  Even though it's beautiful up there in June it is still a little warm when out in the sun all day.  The creek seemed the perfect place to cool off. 

 We packed a lunch of cold, leftover chicken drumsticks (yum, not) and peaches (more my speed).  Of course there were cold beers too and it was perfect if I do say so myself!  Perfect.  The weather, the company, the kids, the water, all of it.  I so hope that the kids will remember doing fun stuff like this when they get all old and jaded... I want them to fondly reminisce about their carefree childhood and how fabulous their parents were, duh.
 Tate, the hunter gatherer opted to fish for his lunch.  Not really, but he did use the chicken bones to catch an entire grocery bag full of crawdads.  He is very resourceful that one.  He found the string and the bag, re-purposed his lunch trash and managed to catch the happy hour appetizers.  Very Man vs. Wild.  The boys did actually cook and eat them too, so gross, but they did it.  I think Sheli and I stuck to the more traditional wine and cheese type menu.  Way more civilized!

 Emily and Lily.  Bathing beauties.  We love traveling with Aaron and Sheli partly because they are great friends, but also because they have great kids.  Lily for example is plenty old enough to have "better" things to do, but she comes along with a smile and is always so sweet to the little girls that are just in awe of her.  As you can see...  Emi is trying to be her mirror image!

 There are no words.
 The boys, still fishin'

A day well spent!  Look at those sweet babies sound asleep in the back of a Jeep on a dirt road.  You know you're tired when that happens!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Branding & Immunizing - Cows!

Late this spring (which is always an early summer around "these parts") we were invited to go to the branding and immunizing at a friends family ranch in Young.  My slight obsession with the Pioneer Woman aside, I was super excited to get to be a part of the festivities.  We loaded up the ol'family truckster, met up with the Grote's and drove up to the ranch.  As it would turn out my friend that invited us Emilie's father is friends with Travis' dad and simply because it was in Young (population >100) we were treated like family and it was so much fun.  I can't wait to go back this spring!
 Just watching things get under way. ...

 Tate, make yourself at home.  There is no possible way that seat can be comfortable.
 Squish and Emilie.

Me:  "Billy, turn around.  No silly, turn the other way."  Billy:  "Huh?  What?  Where are you?  Oh.  Hi!"
The cowboys split their work into two portions, first the branding of the babies.  Ahhh.  Then the immunizing of the mamas.  For the record the mamas do not like getting immunized.  In between the two the ladies cooked up a delicious cowboy breakfast for all the guys and spectators.  We were spectators, in case you were wondering... I did slice the watermelon though.

Abi and Nora.  They are just a coupe months away from sharing the same class!

 Abi and Nora were not sure about the immunizing.  Those mama cows fight back.  I thought the branding would be way harder to take than it actually was.  I was all prepared to answer some hard questions about why they were torturing those baby cows, but the "squeezer" was by far the more traumatic event.  I suppose not all of the cattle were as fired up over it as others.  For example, the one below, in that picture.  Her solution was to kill them kindness.  Rather than kick and moo and raise a huff she decided to try and lick everyone to death.  I had no idea how long a cows tongue really is. 

It was such a fun experience.  Invited or not we will be back next year for sure!  Many thanks to the Augustine family for the hospitality from all of the Deatschs!